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Total Commander 7.50 beta 5

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10.06.09 Fixed: Delete with option "All as admin", then "Skip all" when a file is locked -> empty dirs which could be deleted as admin were skipped too
10.06.09 Fixed: Couldn't edit Unicode alias commands in Configuration - Options - Misc.
10.06.09 Fixed: Not all comboboxes supported Unicode yet
10.06.09 Fixed: Master password input dialog: Use ToUnicode() to support special Romanian characters (may cause different master password than in Beta 4 or older!)
10.06.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Saving the option "Only selected (in main window)" didn't work on Windows 9x/ME
09.06.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Disable option "only selected" if one panel is in branch view (it doesn't work correctly then)
09.06.09 Fixed: Vista: Could not enter certain Romanian characters (to the right of 'L' on Romanian keyboard). Reason: They only work with PeekMessageW/DispatchMessageW!
09.06.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Better contrast of blue and green text when item selected, especially on Vista (use the color with the highest contrast out of 3 possible colors)
09.06.09 Added: Synchronize dirs: Play user-defined sound for "copy complete" or "delete complete" when sync copy/delete operation ends
08.06.09 Fixed: Try not to show "out of resources" error if totalcmd.exe unreachable when loading a dialog with embedded images
08.06.09 Fixed: Buttons with images: Try to support transparent images only on Windows 2000 or newer, NT4 may fail to load image lists
07.06.09 Added: Synchronize dirs: Allow to save option "Only selected (in main window)": If checked, TC offers to save the selected names in a list file
07.06.09 Fixed: Combine files, decode file: correctly handle relative paths like ".."
07.06.09 Fixed: Auto-complete in F5 copy confirmation dialog: Do not expand environment variables like %temp% because they aren't expanded when copying either
07.06.09 Fixed: Drive dropdown list icons can cause crash on NT4 with some display drivers -> turn off icons if this occurs
07.06.09 Fixed: Lister: Search backwards with Shift+F3 didn't work in plugins
07.06.09 Added: External quick filter support (tcmatch.dll): MatchGetSetOptions informs dll about quick search options and returns sum of: 1: override internal search, 2: no leading/trailing asterisk, 4: file name with path, not just name, 8: allow empty result: longer search strings can return more results
05.06.09 Fixed: When unloading a control, put released object instance at the end of the free list so it's re-used last (to increase stability)
05.06.09 Added: F6 move: Allow to turn off warning which is shown when the user enters by hand a dir name which already exists: wincmd.ini [Configuration] MoveToDirWarn=0
05.06.09 Fixed: Access violation when renaming very long directory (>1000 characters long). Reason: UTF16->UTF8 conversion function didn't 0-terminate string which was too long
03.06.09 Added: Windows 9x: Pass long names to batch files although is a 16-bit program (but one which is known to support long names)
02.06.09 Fixed: ZIP: Problems with archive having both AES and UTF-8 extra field (cannot pack, extra field lost when adding files)
02.06.09 Fixed: No error shown when user tries to copy file with alternate streams to dir with only these rights: create/write files, read, execute (Reason: CopyFileEx returns false, but GetLastError returns 0)
02.06.09 Fixed: Tree view: Wrong sort order of accented characters when using sorting mode "Alphabetical, including accents"
02.06.09 Added: Installer, update mode: Only install languages where the lng or mnu file was already installed
02.06.09 Fixed: Lister: Could not reach last line after disabling word wrap if there was no scroll bar with wrap, but there is one without wrap
02.06.09 Fixed: Lister: Custom code page selection also had influence on Unicode and UTF-8 views (font substitution)
02.06.09 Fixed: Lister started via /S=L parameter: Groupboxes didn't have any border
02.06.09 Fixed: Lister: Do not update codepage menu (custom encodings) while codepage menu disabled (e.g. when using a plugin in full screen)
01.06.09 Fixed: Unload tcmatch.dll when auto-installing to TC directory, otherwise an update of the quick search dll will fail
01.06.09 Fixed: Drive dropdown list: For width, use maximum width of characters 'm' and 'w', not just of 'w' because 'm' is wider in Arial
31.05.09 Fixed: Delete as admin could still stop after deleting a dir as admin
31.05.09 Fixed: Could not delete junctions to folders if it required admin rights
31.05.09 Fixed: Copy+Paste (Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V): Execute 'paste' in background thread because it hangs on Vista when pasting large files
31.05.09 Fixed: Compare by content, hex mode: Replace chars between #00 and #31 by a dot if the char has 0 width (variable width font) or has different width than default (fixed width font)
31.05.09 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: incorrect handling of minimum size when maximizing and restoring the dialog
29.05.09 Fixed: Delete dir with zip in it on one side while that zip is opened on the other -> other side not refreshed
29.05.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs, empty dir mode: Right click menu - "set copy direction" sometimes unselected too many files
29.05.09 Fixed: Leaving old style fully expanded tree view could cause access violation in tree update thread
29.05.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with encrypted archives not working (wrong error about Unicode support shown)

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