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Total Commander 8.01 RC2

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- Fixed: Synchronize with FTP: Couldn't always abort the reading of the remote directories (64)
- Fixed: Alternate NTFS data streams were not copied when using the old default or large file copy method (64)
- Fixed: Menu bar not drawn correctly themed when taking 2 or more lines (64)
- Fixed: Speed up CRC check function: improved parsing of checksum file, update result list only every 100 ms (32/64)
- Fixed: Standalone synchronize dirs not working (crashing) with FTP (connection stored in normal sync, then launched with /S=S:stored_config) (32/64)
- Fixed: Ignore double click in Configuration - Options - Custom columns when the list is empty (64)
- Fixed: Single click not working after double clicking in the listbox in Configuration - Options - Custom columns and closing it with ESC (64)
- Fixed: Up/Down arrow key in inplace rename field would close the rename field by mistake (64)
- Fixed: Abort current copy operation in background transfer manager with "-" button -> next operation in list was aborted too (32/64)
- Fixed: Footer with total file count sometimes not updated after selecting with Shift+Home or Shift+End (64)
- Fixed: Quick search backwards in compare by contents: There wasn't always a beep when nothing was found (32/64)
- Fixed: Couldn't find text in Unicode big endian files with Alt+F7, except when using "case sensitive" search (32/64)
- Fixed: Drive panel width too small with two drive panels and two panels above each other (64)
- Added: Show inplace rename confirmation button also in current dir bar (32/64)
- Fixed: Rename path in separate tree, turn off separate tree -> access violation (32)
- Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Controls were not sized correctly on initial start (32)
- Fixed: Use unrar dll 3.80 as unrar9x.dll because the newer one only worked on Windows 98/ME (32)
- Fixed: Crash on Windows 9x when trying to open the command line history, caused by auto-complete (32)
- Fixed: Auto-install plugins: Find old plugin location also when installing 64bit or combined plugin while only 32-bit plugin is installed (64)

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