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Total Commander 8.00 beta 7

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Fixed: Scroll in compare by content jumped by large values in long files (64)
Fixed: Floating point SSE exceptions could occur in some plugins (htmlview) (64)
Fixed: Wrong background color for jpg/png/gif files if background color wasn't white (32/64)
Fixed: Draw icons and metafiles with double buffering to avoid that they overlap each other (32)
Fixed: Alt+F5 pack, external packer (e.g. WinRAR) -> hotkey for background button didn't work (32)
Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Header of size column was right-aligned (64)
Fixed: FTP reconnect with encoding set to "auto-detect": Initially, user name and password were sent with local encoding (ANSI). On reconnect, the detected encoding was used by mistake (e.g. UTF-8) (32/64)
Fixed: Start program within archive with Shift+Enter -> noclose.exe was called with parameter /C by mistake (32/64)
Added: Auto-complete: Always append backslash to folders, except in main window command line (32/64)
Fixed: Custom columns configuration dialog: Center over main window (64)
Fixed: Configuration: User-defined hotkeys not saved if main ini read-only, hotkey section redirected and user didn't press the "checkmark" button (32/64)
Fixed: Tree browse dialog in "synchronize dirs" and "find files" (opened via >> button) not resizable as in 32-bit version (64)
Fixed: Footer (status line) not updated after copying when the selection is removed (64)
Fixed: Recent printer name fix (18.10.11) caused crashes and missing font errors, mainly on XP (32)
Fixed: Quick search in synchronize dirs: Allow quick search window to overlap task bar, also fixes problems with multiple monitors (32/64)
Fixed: Lister: F7 not working with combinations of Ctrl (search backwards) or Shift (find next) (64)
Fixed: Lister: Shift+F3 or Shift+F5 didn't search backwards if there was no search string yet (32/64)
Fixed: Quick search (letters+search dialog) not working correctly with multiple Korean characters due to bad cursor positioning (64)
Fixed: The fix "Quick search with Alt+Letters would close" (described below) was disabled by mistake (64)
Fixed: Minimize and restore "compare by content" or standalone "synchronize dirs" -> window had height of title bar only (Lazarus bug when Constraints set) (64)
Added: SameScreenAsTC=1 now only works with modal dialogs (child windows of TC). For Lister, add 2, for Compare, add 4 (=7 for all 3) (32/64)
Fixed: Removed a few more unwanted Ding sounds from dialogs (file association details, icons) (64)
Added: Open files with extension .cmd in command processor which remains open with Shift+Enter (NT based systems only) (32/64)
Added: Make VistaDelete=1 the default on Windows Vista or newer (32/64)
Fixed: Press F5/F6 with alwayscopyinbackground=2 set: ENTER always copied in the foreground, while clicking on OK worked correctly (64)

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