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VLC Media Player 0.5.3

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  • Core Support:
  • fixed DTS S/PDIF output on little-endian machines
  • support for skins at the interface level
  • new OSD module using Freetype2
  • video outputs are now destroyed when the associated input ends
  • the video output takes into account the caching delay introduced at the input level before dropping out of date frames.
  • configuration option to disable the translation of the interface
  • Input access:
  • fixed HTTP redirects
  • support for opening an entire directory
  • EOF should be detected more reliably
  • new video4linux access plug-in
  • new kfir access plug-in designed to work around a bug in the kfir driver
  • Input demux:
  • added stream type for some Motorola MPEG-2 video encoders
  • fix for some ogg web radio streams
  • fixed reading TS streams over HTTP
  • Codecs:
  • support for 3ivx D4 (not previous versions)
  • support for '3ivd' and '3vid' encodings
  • support for 'MSS1' codec ( same as WMV2 )
  • support for SAMI subtitles (untested and incomplete)
  • better SSA4 subtitles recognition
  • new codec for raw I420 video
  • improvements to the libmpeg2-based MPEG video decoder
  • Interfaces:
  • improvements to wxWindows based interface (although it still misses some important features)
  • skeleton for a Gnome2/GTK2 plug-in
  • Stream output:
  • new HTTP output support
  • fixed a segfault in the AVI muxer
  • fixed AV synchronization issues
  • Miscellaneous:
  • support for oldstyle id3 genres
  • UNIX ports:
  • the SDL vout plug-in will now work on big-endian machines
  • Mac OS X port:
  • reorderable playlist
  • fixed the hiding of the mouse on multiple monitors
  • fixed a big issue with some USB speakers
  • support for mono audio output devices
  • reset the audio-device to its default mode before quitting VLC
  • fixed several cosmetic issues
  • you can drag the controller window by its background (as it should be)
  • the messages window remembers more lines
  • delay and fps can now be overruled with subtitles files
  • http and ogg stream output options
  • Apple menu and friends will now be translated as well
  • Win32 port:
  • new skinnable interface
  • the directx video output doesn't crash anymore on ctrl+alt+del events.
  • iPAQ familiar Linux port:
  • support for FLAC audio format
  • the interface adapts to the screen size/rotation
  • playlist
  • network tab in the interface
  • "apply" handling in preferences

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