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VLC Media Player 0.6.1

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  • Core support:
  • There should be less bogus resampling, particularly on DVDs.
  • VLC will now wait for the medium to wake up before starting its clock after a pause.
  • Stream output:
  • Added vorbis audio support in Ogg streaming.
  • Added vorbis audio transcoding support.
  • Added mp3 audio transcoding support (when ffmpeg is compiled with mp3lame).
  • PS muxer can create mpeg1 files now and produce streams with system headers.
  • You can transcode a52 with more than two channels to mpga now.
  • Win32 port:
  • Fixed DVD support which was partly broken due to a bug in libdvdcss
  • Fixed 5.1 audio support for the sblive/audigy soundcards.
  • Fixed sound on Windows NT.
  • UNIX ports:
  • Fixed/improved ALSA support and enabled multi-channel audio output.
  • X11/Xvideo: Should now work on big endian machines, and you can now use the arrow keys to browse through the DVD menus.
  • iPaq port:
  • Gtk+2 interface called PDA
  • Familiar Gtk+ is now deprecreated
  • Codec a52, Faad2 and flac added
  • Video4Linux enabled (demux and transcode)
  • Stream Out with transcode support enabled (use codecs: HuffYuvv and A-law).
  • Interfaces:
  • Small updates/fixes to the wxWindows interface.
  • Improved HTTP remote control interface. You can now create your own HTML pages.
  • A new CORBA control plugin.
  • Input demux:
  • Improved support for the Matroska container format.
  • Miscellaneous:
  • Improved build system.
  • New video filter plugin to overlay logos.
  • Added support for Winamp 3 B4S files.
  • New subtitle module which uses freetype2 to render arbitrary fonts in any size. Should also work with languages like russion for instance.

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