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VLC Media Player 0.7.2

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VLC Media Player 0.7.2  Изменения регистрации

  • Core support:
  • Bookmarks feature for easier seeking/access inside medias.
  • Support for video output embedded in interfaces.
  • Improved HTTP daemon.
  • Saved playlists now remember VLC-specific options.
  • Codecs:
  • New Continuous Media Markup Language (CMML) codec. (
  • New H.261 video decoder using openmash.
  • H264 encoder, demuxer and packetizer.
  • Packetizer interfaces between demux and codec when needed (allows using ffmpeg plugin to decode MPEG streams and better aac decoding).
  • Support for Theora alpha3 (both decoding and encoding).
  • Input:
  • -start-time and --stop-time to start and stop playing a file at the specified amount of seconds. Only works with a few fileformats (avi, mov, mkv, mp4 )
  • Improved directory access module.
  • New "file-cat" option to play truncated movies
  • Better handling of meta info (title, author, description, etc...).
  • New options to pass meta info to the input.
  • It is now possible to stream programs from a DVB-S/C/T stream (satellite, cable, or digital terestrial television)
  • Demux:
  • Annodex ( support.
  • mmsh streaming fixes.
  • Fixed infinite loop in the AVI demux on broken/incomplete files.
  • Subtitles:
  • Subviewer and subviewer v2 subtitles support.
  • Ability to choose autodetected subtitles path.
  • Subtitles delay can be changed in real time with hotkeys.
  • Stream output:
  • Improved session announcement system.
  • Minimize threads usage by default.
  • Added faster than realtime stream output (limited by CPU) for file output.
  • Improved MOV/MP4 muxer.
  • Improved MPEG TS muxer.
  • Improved transrater.
  • Meta info options used by the muxers.
  • New configuration system.
  • Better audio channels downmixing when transcoding.
  • VideoLAN manager:
  • New videolan (media) manager (vlm): a little manager designed to launch and manage multiple streams from within one instance of VLC.
  • Supports live streams and VoD.
  • Supports scheduling.
  • Telnet interface for vlm.
  • HTTP interface for vlm.
  • Interfaces:
  • Skins II (Windows and Linux only)
  • Ability to embed video output.
  • Support for bitmap fonts.
  • Lots of improvements.
  • wxWindows (default Windows and Linux interface)
  • New design and set of icons
  • Ability to embed video output.
  • Support for hotkeys.
  • Support for bookmarks
  • Mac OS X
  • Support for 'groups' and playlist item properties.
  • Better hotkeys handling.
  • Mac OS X port:
  • OpenGL video output is now the default when available.
  • Added FAAC encoder (mp4a).
  • Audio output fix to work with multiple streams on a HAL device.
  • Possible fix for conflict with CodeTek VirtualDesktop (untested).
  • Win32 port:
  • DirectShow input plugin should work with more devices.
  • Disable monitor power down when watching movies.
  • Improved Windows installer.
  • Linux port:
  • PowerPC fixes.
  • Misc:
  • Improvements to the Goom visualisation plugin.
  • Roku HD1000 audio output.

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