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VLC Media Player 0.7.1

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VLC Media Player 0.7.1  Изменения регистрации

  • Core support:
  • Fixed a nasty bug that causes preferences not to be saved some times.
  • IGMPv3 support for VLC under Windows XP and Linux.
  • Codecs:
  • Brand new DTS Coherent Acoustics audio decoder based on libdts (
  • Fixed DTS S/PDIF output
  • SVCD (Philips OGT) and CVD subtitles
  • Playlist:
  • Internal improvments
  • Improved import/export
  • Input:
  • Experimental support for Nullsoft streaming video(.nsv) and real media(.rm)container formars.
  • New demux module that uses libavformat from ffmpeg. Adds support for many small and strange formats.
  • New PVA demux.
  • New MOD audio demux.
  • Support for DTS and A52/AC3 wav files.
  • Support for DTS and A52/AC3 audio CD.
  • New and experimental DVD input plugin with menus support (using libdvdnav).
  • Added back DV audio support in raw DV demuxer.
  • Stream output:
  • MP4/MOV muxer improvements (fast-start, aac in mov, etc...).
  • Fixed a nasty bug in the mpeg video packetizer.
  • Improved transcoding (multithreading, more tuning, etc...).
  • Service discovery:
  • Fixed sdp in SAP.
  • Mac OS X port
  • New opengl video output plugin.
  • Win32 port:
  • A few improvements to the DirectShow input plugin.
  • Fixed ipv6 name resolution.

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